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Why Hire a Graphic Designer? Professional Expertise.

Graphic designers have a wealth of knowledge and experience in designing visuals that look professional and communicate effectively.
Professional Expertise

Hierarchy of design... what even is that? It's the way the eye travels through a design.
There's a method to the madness.

I remember in university, there were many assignments revolving around visual hierarchy, and some challenging homework pieces were given out. We had to recreate an image to make the viewer's eye move in a certain pattern. We had to highlight certain parts of the picture and push back other elements of the image, creating an entirely new journey for the viewer.

This was all done by using the principles and elements of design to create a completely new user experience. Fun fact -- there are 12 elements and principles of design. That's a lot to keep in mind!

Graphic design is also throwing in legibility -- a whole separate beast. We want to make sure the words aren't coming off as SHOUTING or hard to read. There are rules with fonts, and which ones to choose. Fonts are complicated.

Fonts convey a vibe, and you want to make sure that vibe is working in your favor and not against it. Imagine a super fancy party invitation being written in a children's crayon font on a ripped piece of scrap paper.

Oh goodness -- did you catch it? We just threw in print medium knowledge, and suddenly this doesn't feel like a very fancy event.


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