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Graphic Design

There is more to graphic design than just the finished product. I will ensure that each design is completed efficiently and delivered in a format that is compatible with any future projects. The perfect design speaks to you and attracts your ideal clientele—a balance I genuinely enjoy finding.

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Brand Identity Package 

Cohesive branding will take your organization to the next level, giving it a consistent look and feel. Branding packages include company-specific fonts, color palettes, logos and other visual elements—making you

instantly recognizable in all your business interactions.

picture of Color palettes and font types with the alphabet for my brand

Printing & Production

Put your digital design on a tangible object, and have it delivered straight to your door! Cameron Graphic Design is a one-stop-shop—creating and producing business cards, flyers, posters, banners, labels and other promotional products. This is an excellent way to establish brand identity and recognition.

picture of a box labeled "delivery" sitting on a doorstep

Graphic Design

I am passionate about my craft. My goal as a graphic designer is to support your business and passion through creating designs that give you ownership over your project and brand.


I love creating designs that can be used across multiple platforms and are compatible with different print and production processes. I strive to save my clients time and money by create graphics that are easily edited and set up correctly. From concept to production, I'm able to strike a balance between branding, hearing our client’s voice, and appealing to the desired customer base. Contact me today to discuss your graphic design or print project!


Tell Me About Your Project

Text or Call: ‪415.209.5659‬

*Open for contract work

I am currently working remotely from Santa Rosa, California. I am available for national or international work. 

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