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About The Owner

I am Katharine Cameron, the founder of Cameron Graphic Design - and I live, breathe, and dream graphic design, print and production. 

My passion for art and design has been with me since childhood. I spent many elementary school lunches coloring, and many middle school lunches designing school magazines in the computer lab. By the time I chose and auditioned for high school, I had an insatiable hunger to learn and practice design in a more serious fashion.

I was accepted into the Marin School of the Arts High School where I triple-majored in Digital Art, Painting & Drawing, and Ceramics & Sculpture. I spent all my free time in the art classrooms working on the school event posters, flyers, brochures, and AP 2-d Design. Around this time I also started my first job working for a web design company as their Lead Graphic Designer and Brand Manager. 

I graduated high school with a full summer semester scholarship to the Academy of Arts University in San Francisco (AAU) which lead me to earn a full-time, all-expenses-paid scholarship to attend AAU.

After graduating university with an AA in Game Design and a minor in Coding, I accepted a position as a Graphic Design and Production Manager​ at a local business. I spent four years there and learned the importance of file set up and exporting—a very looked over practice that can save people hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

I moved on from there and became the Senior Graphic Designer for the parent company of four local news rooms. I was in charge of managing and creating ads for websites, social media and prepress.

I am constantly learning, doing tutorials, and taking classes to refine my knowledge and to be as efficient and versatile as possible. When hiring a graphic designer, the end result is only half the battle. I've seen poorly set up files cost companies hundreds of thousands of dollars. I strongly believe any behind-the-scenes operation needs to be just as clean as the end result, and that is something I strive for.

Picture of Katharine - the owner and graphic designer
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